Go Potty!

This request seems like the most important thing to my new Mama and Daddy. They are very focused on herding me outside to “go potty” in the morning and when they come home.  The problem is learning the best time and place to do this.

At first I tried to go all the time in front of them to make them happy. I went in the kitchen, out in the yard, in the basement, wherever, whenever; I really wanted to make them happy. I quickly realized that going potty in certain places made them happy, and going potty other places . . . well . . . not so much.  I felt bad when I went in the wrong places (I now know, bedroom = bad), but wasn’t sure of the right place.

So I tried to figure out the pattern. I knew when they said, “Go potty”, and I actually went potty (as opposed to just staring at them), they yelled, “Yeaaaa!”. That seemed to be a good thing. They would clap and smile and give me kisses. And better yet, I would get treats! Those are really the best things ever. I love the treat drawer. I stick my head in it and try to get more treats all the time. My Mama does not like that and tells me to “Sit!” before I get my treat.  But I digress.  I am a puppy, after all.  Meanwhile, have I mentioned how cute I am?  Check me out!

OK where was I? Oh yeah, figuring out the potty pattern. I knew they liked it when I went potty in the backyard. I started to realize that when they didn’t ask me to go potty, but I had to do so, I should go sit by the door. And the process seemed to take shape after that:

  1. I go to the back door
  2. They let me outside
  3. They say, “Go potty!”
  4. I comply with their request
  5. They yell, “Yeaaaaaa!”
  6. We go back inside and I go to the treat drawer

But here was the confusing part. When I went to the other doors in the house and sat down, this didn’t always happen. Sometimes, it was also confusing that I would go to a door in the house to start the process.  It started out right; they would let me in the door and I would wait for the command, but it didn’t happen. Then sometimes I took matters into my own paws and went potty anyway. But no “Yeaaaa!” and NO TREAT.  What was the deal with that?

OK. So I started to think even harder about solving the problem.  This process only worked with certain doors in the house. They had to let me through the door and then say ‘Go potty”. I was still a little nervous with this one but they usually said that when they let me outside.

Then I started to realize, “WAIT A MINUTE….OUTSIDE!  That is the place they want me to go potty – OUTSIDE!”.

Glad I figured that one out.  I am learning slowly but surely. The third level in the house is still confusing and what do you do about the deck?  Outside but not really? Wow.  This growing up stuff is tougher than I thought. But I love my new family and hope I get to stay here forever!

I know I am making progress every day but there are still mistakes – oops.  I am learning from my brother and sister so that is helpful.  However, the cat is absolutely useless in this area, she goes potty without being told to do so in this strange box.  How does she know when to go?  That is another problem for another day.

Anyway, it is about that time so I have to go.  I am going to day care to play with my friends.  Doggie Day Care is so much fun!  More about that in my next post.  Until then, WOOF!

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3 thoughts on “Go Potty!

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    This is my puppy’s blog – check it out!

  2. What a lovely pup! I almost miss the potty training because mine were so small then! It has been a long time since they needed to be told where to go.

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