My New Family

I made it to my new home and immediately felt comfortable enough to pee on the carpet downstairs. I don’t think that was well-received, so I made a mental note of it (and immediately forgot about it, I am a puppy, remember?). I had already met my brother, Busgy, and sister, Nikki. I posted a picture of them below. My new Mama takes a lot of pictures so I will be posting a lot in my dog-blog.

Looking back, I didn’t realize that they were also nervous about me joining the family so I didn’t play it safe at all, I jumped right in! I went to the toy bin (which I loved) and got a ball and then a rope to play tug – Nikki seemed to be the one to play tug with – I wanted to play all night! I was worried the fun was going to end and I would be sent to another place so I wanted to make it last all night. I ran around outside and took only minimal required breaks on the deck or on my new bed. I was so happy in my new home!

I was pretty skinny, though, so I knew I would be eating a lot to get big like my brother and sister. But I never anticipated the quantity of treats and bones I would get! All I had to do was that “sit” thing and the treats kept coming. Totally pawsome!

We went to the pet store and I got a new collar and tag with my new name, Zoey, my new address and my Mama’s and Daddy’s phone numbers both on it. I guess they wanted to be thorough.

I also met my other new sister, Sophie. She is a “cat”. Not totally sure about her; I like barking at her when she sits in my Mama’s closet. She seems to be the guard or something. Mama mentioned something about that being “off limits”; something about having lots of “shoes”. Those sound tasty!

Well I know I have a lot to learn; they all keep saying, “No” a lot and “Down”, whatever that means.

More to come!

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6 thoughts on “My New Family

  1. Auntie Cathie

    Zoey, you must remember to let the “cat” Sophie “think” she is the boss. If she “thinks” she’s the boss, all will be good!

  2. Beautiful pups!

    • Thank you! You too! I read about the Kong Wubba experience in one of your posts. Our dogs love the Kong Wubba also – they love anything that squeaks and can be thrown.

      • It’s a great invention! Hard to destroy and easy to throw around. 🙂

      • Absolutely! Our dogs would destroy anything less. Most other toys last for less than 10 mins.

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    This is my puppy’s blog – check it out!

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